Florence Wins Tri in France

Le Triathlon de Brive
We have no idea what the following says but I am sure it is complementary to Florence.
She has also qualified for the USAT Nationals next month. Go FLorence!
florence lamirand french triathlon winner
Le TPB vu par une triathlète américaine
Elle pose fièrement avec son dossard 220. Florence Lamiraud vit aux States, est d’origine française et enseigne cette langue à Warrenton en Virginie. Cette triathlète US a profité d’un séjour à Brive où elle accompagne de jeunes correspondants américains, pour participer au TPB (il faut dire que c’est une cousine du président Jean-Noël Sauvezie). Elle a bouclé le S open en 1h24’20”, se classant première féminine senior! “Je me suis mise au triathlon en août dernier et c’est ma 6e course, mais la première en France.” De quoi se laisser aller à quelques comparaisons avec les S américains: “On ne fait pas de départ aussi groupé, dans l’eau ça bouscule trop. On part par catégories, de 25 à 50 triathlètes. Chez nous, la distance vélo est plus longue, de 5 à 10km supplémentaires. J’ai trouvé le parcours à pied dur, un peu long, c’était un peu trail aussi. Nous, on court habituellement sur route ou alors on fait vraiment des triathlon ex-terra, à la fois vélo et course à pied.” Florence n’en est pas moins ravie de sa participation: “C’est super, le cadre est génial”.
Photo Serge Ayala — at Lac Du Causse.

Burger King and Fries Good News or More Bad

Burger King announced today that they are selling a new type of fries with less fat..
Holy cow! A small order of fries still has 270 calories instead of 340… Who knew?
A large bag of fries is 500 calories with 22 grams of fat.
Did you know that a large russet potato has 8 grams of protein? Let’s just stick with a backed potato!
Looking at this differently, if you participated in our Butterfly is Not a Crime Postal Swim and race a 1650 fly just think of all the calories you would burn. Just saying.
Butterfly is not a Crime link

Vint Hill Tri

Gretchen Stone 1st Place in her age group.
Erica Peterson 2nd in same age group. (fastest overall women swim time)
Holly Eldrege 4th with second fastest swim in age group.
Charlie and Shane 1st place relay swim/run.
Charlie 2nd fastest overall swim time. (beat by 16 year old)
Congratulations to all!

Cool Weather Training Effects on Riders and Swimmers

If you don’t have much body fat, you may experience a decrease in leg strength because of cold muscles. A 1% decline in the local muscle temperature can reduce muscle force generation to the pedal by as much as 10%. When it’s cold and your leg muscles aren’t operating at full muscular capacity, you generate less power, causing your speed to be lower as well. Cool weather rides can be tough but they provide a “training effect” by simulating a strength workout, adding to your riding power. Don’t be discouraged by slower bike speeds at this time of the year. Cooler open water swims offer the same opportunity. The water temperature at the Smith Mt Lake Tri last weekend was around 56.

1650 and 1000 yard race Offered

Terrapin Masters is hosting a 1000/1650 meet on the Friday of Colonies Zone SCY Championships, April 19th for those who didn’t make it in to the 1000 or 1650 at that meet and still wish to swim those events to start the weekend. They are using only one course, so entries are limited, but should have plenty of spots in each event open.

Please feel free to pass this along to teammates and friends.

Online Entries Link Here

Video to Help Keep Healthy Shoulders

See video about reducing shoulder injuries in swimming click here

Dr. Jim Miller states “The body of international sports medicine literature confirms that injuries to the shoulder are the most common injury for athletes in all aquatic disciplines. These translate into critical time lost from training and competition, a widely acknowledged factor in our sports. The FINA Sports Medicine Committee (SMC) strongly endorses prevention as the key to this issue and proposes educational initiatives to assist athletes and their support staff to avoid shoulder injuries.”

Watch the video to see how it illustrates exercises to strengthen the areas that stabilize the shoulder.

Spring has Sprung, Time to get in the Pool!

We are welcoming swimmers of all experience and speed to our practices. If you haven’t been in the pool for a long time this is a great time to join us as we are having mini-swim lessons for those that have not been swimming for a while. Come join us on any Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30 and Sundays at 4:30 Come early and introduce yourself. Tell the folks at the front desk you are with the Masters Swim Team as you enter so you don’t have to give them money. Click here and fill out our guest form and bring it along with your suit and goggles! We look forward to seeing you!

Sitting Kills Moving Heals

Dr Joan Vernikos Speaking in Sperryville
Pick up a copy of “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals” by Dr Joan Vernikos by clicking on icon to the right at Amazon.
Her work demonstrates how modern sedentary lifestyles contribute to poor health, obesity, and diabetes, and how health can be dramatically improved by continuous, low-intensity, movement that challenges the force of gravity. Citing her original NASA research on how weightlessness weakens astronauts’ muscles, bones, and overall health, the author presents a simple and effective plan for maintaining good health throughout life by developing new lifestyle habits of frequent gravity-challenging movement. Written for everyone who spends most of their lives sitting in chairs, at desks, and in cars, this practical, easy-to-follow action plan outlines simple gravity-challenging activities such as standing up frequently, stretching, walking, and dancing that are more healthful and effective than conventional diet and exercise regimens.

Stephen Herbert Tops First Indoor Series

Winner of Triathlon
Stephen Herbert Winner
You may have seen Stephen Herbert lurking around the WARF this winter. What was he doing? He was participating in the Warrenton Masters Indoor Triathlon. He was the most improved. Entry is open now for the current session. If you see Steve congratulate him and cheer him on for the current session!

Healthy Sign? Out with the Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Zingers…

Hostess Foods is back in bankruptcy just two years after coming out of it. Hostess has enough cash to keep stores stocked with its Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and other snacks for now as it battles rising labor costs and increased competition. But longer term, the 87-year-old company has a bigger problem: health-conscious Americans favor yogurt and energy bars over the dessert cakes and white bread they devoured 30 years ago.  Yea!!!!

Try the Finis Snorkel

I have used the Finis Snorkel when my back is sore or when I want to focus on stroke technique and body position.  You can order it by clicking on the link to the right.  If you are snaking down the lane pick one up too..

Warrenton Indoor Triathlon Series Oct 15-Dec 15

Warrenton Indoor Triathlon

Sign up for the second in series of Indoor Triathlons.

Swim, stationary bike, treadmill on your own time to keep in shape.

Submit as many times as you want during the two months.
There are 4 different distances that you can participate in as an individual and or on relays.
Click Here for Registration Information
On Line Registration Here ——– Enter Your Results Here